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On Being Outdoorsy, And What That Really Means

When I was in high school, in New England, myself and my friends were outdoorsy. We sought out lakes, woods, and ocean

Protein Breakfast Cookies Platte river rafting Wyoming

Everything Breakfast Cookies for Your Pelican Case or Pack [Recipe]

Almost every outdoor sport has their own food culture. Climbers, for example, rip an avocado open with–you

Cross-Country Move Road Trip from Houston, Texas to Denver, Colorado

My Cross-Country Move to Denver, Colorado

There was no way that my second cross-country move in less than 9 months would not be a road trip. You might remember

Farewell Ellipsis, Hello TreeLines, the New Website for Life’s Adventures

I’m so excited to finally introduce you to TreeLines, my new website for sharing life’s adventures in the

New Year’s Bucket List for the Wild at Heart

In the spirit of dreading New Year’s resolutions, I’ve decided to make a New Year’s bucket list

2015 Best Adventures

It’s that time of year again when December swings around on the calendar so fast that it gives us whiplash. I

Keep Sunday Strong

Sundays are the beginning of a new week, and should be a day of celebration (right?!), but most people see Sundays as

Art Festivals | Houston, Texas

The arts festivals in Houston, Texas are like the city’s raspa stands and ice houses–there’s one on

My Cross-Country Move to Houston

I’ve been MIA because I made a huge life decision: to move from Fort Collins, Colorado to Houston, Texas.

What’s On My Desk Vol. 2

I’m going to be honest with you. It’s hard to sit or stand at my desk for too long because it faces a wall.