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Long line of hikers on Quandary Peak Trail in Colorado on a busy summer Saturday.

Portable Speakers on Hikes: Fun or Obnoxious? [Opinion]

In 2015, the 14ers in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains alone, endured the pounding feet of 72,000 hikers!

River rafter drinking Odell APA on the Platter River in Wyoming

These River Rafting Terms Make Bangin’ Craft Beers

Little known river rafting fact: Much of the rigging and packing process is focused on the accessibility, safety, and

Mountain Maker & Cookie Giveaway

I’m lucky enough to have friends who are talented artists, makers, and in Kyndra Connor’s case, bakers.

Gulf Coast Beaches | The Wander Chronicles

Houston can be pretty overwhelming–heck, any city can be overwhelming– and my wander itch was

Confessions of the Matching Tattoo

I did the unthinkable, the taboo, the irreversible: I got a matching tattoo. The one kind of tattoo most feared and

Urban Art | Chicago

A thousand apologies for being away from Ellipsis! I have a good excuse: a traveling one. I’ve been almost in a

Mt. Bierstadt | The Wander Chronicles

The sky has been dumping buckets of rain on Fort Collins for weeks, and it’s made it difficult to fulfill my

Juarez, Mexico

Last weekend, I drove 11 hours to visit one of my very good friends who left Fort Collins, Colorado last summer for

Conversations with Cheryl Strayed

A perk of MFA programs is opportunity to meet inspiring, smart, talented writers. In April, Cheryl Strayed, author of