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Rose Colored Glasses: Crankenstein, An Ode

Apart from coffee shops, bars are the next best bet for a good atmosphere, a private corner, just-the-right-amount of people-watching, and a bit of down if the coffee took you too high. It’s with bittersweetness that I write this first post of the Rose Colored Glasses Series for Crankenstein, one of my favorite spots in Old Town, Fort Collins because it has celebrated it’s last business day–hopefully, it’s only a temporary hiatus!

The community really came out for the last night of this bike shop/coffee roaster/bar. It was so nice to see all the support, and so many people that I’ve come to know. 

Everyone loved Crankenstein because it combined three of Fort Collins’ most sacred things: Bikes, food, beer and coffee. You could ride your bike to Crank, get it tuned up, park it inside, meet some friends for a beer or grab a cup of coffee to go. 

Crankenstein’s space was incredible: High, lofted ceilings, a garage front entrance, and those warm, reclaimed wood walls. 

I liked to visit for the large couches and armchairs–it was like working from home.

This is Dylan, a strong climber and a good friend.
My friends and I once spent an evening on the couches at Crank eating Oreos and drinking coffee porters for dinner. On the last night, Crank emptied all its taps for a “good to the last drop” hoorah. 

Do you ever go to a bar to do work? Where are your creative spaces? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!